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The Blue Bouquet Analysis

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he scene looks like. This author wants you to see this village like he sees it, and leaves little room for imaginative interpretation.

5. Evidence from the text that describes two different ways in which the title is interpreted is an idea that the title is referring to the bouquet of blue eyes that the Mexican man wants to collect. “Blue Bouquet” is a direct quote from what the antagonist desires, and this can be seen as a clear title and interpretation for the story.

Another way of interpreting the story is that the blue bouquet is a part of the quote “The night was a garden of eyes.” A bouquet and a garden both regularly contain a similar item, and in this case, that item is eyes.

6. Two literary devices used in the story were foreshadowing and metaphors. Foreshadowing was used by the boardinghouse owner who only had one eye. This was a subtle foreshadow, but after reading the story thoroughly you can understand how the fact that he didn’t have an eye foretells the trouble the protagonist will be having later.

The other literary device was metaphors. Metaphors were used quite often in the story, and an example of one in the text is, “The night was a garden of eyes.”

7. If I was in the same situation as the protagonist I would be terrified. I would not have the courage to turn around, and would probably get myself killed. I would either try to run away or try to convince the antagonist that my eyes were hazel and not blue. I would probably be crying, and if I made it out alive I would never walk alone again. I think it is completely ridiculous to walk alone at night in a foreign country, you are like a target waiting to be hit.

8. I believe this story makes Mexico out to be a very simple city. Everything is very primitive and untamed. This is shown because the protagonist gets out of his “hammock” and onto the floor barefoot, while bugs are inside his room. It is too hot inside, so he needs to go out for fresh air, which shows

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