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idence developed by Bill James. Sabermetrics puts less emphasis on things such as batting average and more emphasis on OBS (on base plus slugging). Saberemtrics is the foundation of Beanes whole organizational philosophy, he tries to get players that take pitches, get on base, walk, and hit for extra base hits. Beane doesn’t believe in steals because it’s too risky or the sacrifice bunt because it’s conceding an out. These beliefs are from Bill James formula “runs created”. James measures “runs created” as (hits + walks) X Total Bases / (at bats + walks). This formula proved that conventional wisdom about how to measure offense was wrong because there was not enough emphasis on walks and extra base hits and too much value on expensive but not as important statistics such as batting average and stolen bases. (Lewis pg.77-78) Billy Beane has made a livelihood by concentrating on these important but less expensive statistics as a means of competing against bigger market teams.

The 2001 offseason was a critical time for the A’s front office. Center fielder Johnny Damon, first baseman Jason Giambi, and closer Jason Isringhausen were all free agents and the A’s knew there was no way that they could afford to keep them. Beane believes that effective closers were overpriced in the free agent market because he thinks that saves are an overrated statistic. (Lewis pgs.125-126) So when replacing the hole left by Jason Isringhausen’s departure Beane traded away a solid prospect in Eric Hinske to pick up an effective but less expensive reliever in Billy Koch from Toronto. This is an example of a tactic used by Beane which he calls “selling the closer” in which his closer would pile up a large amount of saves and then when he was up for free agency a team would either pick him up and therefore have to give a first round compensation pick to the A’s or they would trade for him. (Lewis pg.125) Isringhausen’s replacement Koch saved 44 games for the

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