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Brightwell 2

Jim’s voyage to the island is a journey from youth to manhood. He was once a very “ignorant child”, but he soon learned to fend for himself and do things that his parents at once had to do (Sorfleet 1).

Another theme that is referred to in Treasure Island is the solitude motif. Jim is constantly alone during this novel. Although Jim is with people sometimes, these moments surround moments of solitude. For instance, Jim is in solitude when he meets Pew, the pirate who delivers the black spot the solitude acts as a safe place for Jim. He needs this to escape from his reality and his fears. He is also alone when he meets Ben Gunn in the woods and learns the directions to the treasure (Stevenson). Throughout the novel, Jim’s times of solitude show his self-reliance and show he matures. However, the solitude may also have a downside. Jim’s decisions to do things on his own rather than part of a group, might be what makes Smollett tell him they will never sail together again. Jim may be too independent to ever be a good sailor (Phillips 1).

Another motif included in the novel is animals. Animals are constantly used to represent the pirates in the novel. The parrot that sits on Long John Silver’s shoulder is used to represent the pirate’s inhumanity (Phillips 1). Stevens speaks of the parrot saying, “From trunk to trunk the creature flitted like a deer, running manlike on two legs, but unlike any man that I had ever seen, stooping almost double as it ran” (Stevens chap 15). The parrot is referred to here like a man. The pirates resemble other animals too. In chapter eleven the pirates climb over a stockade fence and Stevenson compares them to monkeys (Stevens chap 11). I believe he compares them to animals to refer to the savage nature that Stevenson wanted to bring out. Another example would be when Jim first

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