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he structure and way in which the book was written contributes to its fast pace. The novel is broken up into short chapters. A novel that contains short chapters always seems to move in a quick tempo. However, although there are many chapters, there are no breaks in which the reader can get lost in. The novel is extremely fluid and continuous.

In addition to the short chapters, there are many flashbacks written among chapters concerning the time Ablom was in college and Morrie was his professor. “By the start of my senior year, I have taken so many sociology classes, I am only a few credits shy of a degree. Morrie suggests I try an honors thesis. (p.67)” However, not all the flashbacks deal with the time Mitch was in college. Others deal with issues such as childhood experiences or even philosophical viewpoints.

Ablom does not leave out a single grain of detail. Everyday spent with Morrie is described in great detail. Every trip Ablom takes is described in great detail. Every memory Morrie has to share is described in detail. Since Ablom is a reporter and columnist, many references are made to his career in this novel. When Ablom is making a trip to a sporting event, he describes the area to a point where the reader can visualize it too. Also, specific names are used to name news anchors, programs, and events. In addition, the graphic detail of Morrie’s ailment was described thoroughly and was often difficult to read. However, the novel is not written so the story is drowned in detail. Only enough is added so the reader can clearly imagine the event being described or memory being illustrated.

Although many philosophical points and scholarly issues have been touched in Tuesdays with Morrie, the novel did not use excessive amounts of pedantic vocabulary or jargon. Instead, since much of the novel was conversation, the vocabulary was not difficult to follow. This adds to the quick pace and can actually make the novel more interesting to read.

The tone

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