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Diversity Training In The Workplace

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Several well-known organizations have experienced huge success and excellent results from the implementation of corporate diversity training initiatives. Nextel Communications is a stellar example, having achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 163% following the execution and measurement of its enterprise-wide, diversity training programs (Managing Training & Development, 2003).

. The luxury goods retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue, has also reaped the benefits of successful diversity training programs. While the company will not reveal exact figures, it is estimated that these initiatives have helped to increase annual sales by over $1 million. Prior to training, Saks employees had been ignoring customers that did not fit the typical mould of the optimal Saks customer based on such factors as appearance and race. Disregarding these occasional shoppers was having a serious effect on the company’s bottom line, hence the establishment of diversity training and other programs to help curb this trend (Cleaver, 2003).

Advantica, the parent company of the Denny’s restaurant chain, has also experienced significant ROI from its diversity management initiatives with sales soaring to a record $2.23 billion. Furthermore, Advantica was named as the "Best Company in America for Minorities" by Fortune magazine over two consecutive years, confirming yet again that organizations can significantly benefit by shifting management focus to diversity (Brathwaite, 2002).

These are just a handful of examples that represent a continuing trend of success for diversity training initiatives, as more organizations realize the true ROI of such programs. Additional companies that have experienced immense success as a direct result of diversity training implementation include PepsiCo, Pitney Bowes, J.P. Morgan Chase, Procter and Gamble, and Allstate Insurance, (American Banker, 2004).

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