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Stella LIEBECK v. MCDONALD’S Restaurants



Tommy Y. Choi

May 15th, 2013

Individual Paper: Week #7


A frivolous lawsuit emphasizes legal claims that do not have any legal value and most frivolous cases do not even reach the courtroom. Frivolous lawsuits abuse the law, court process, and once a court recognizes a lawsuit that is labeled frivolous, it is dismissed or amended. Most cases that are labeled as frivolous normally do not institute any sufficient grounds, causes major stress plus embarrassment to the defendant, and could become very expensive for both parties. Most lawsuits that are instigated spitefully with no real probable cause by the individual who are upset and feel that they deserve monetary rewards for what has happened. In some cases, such an action might be brought in bad faith for the purpose of harassing the defendant (Frivolous, (2005).

There are a couple frivolous lawsuits, that people have heard or read, are: Stella Liebeck V. McDonald’s and Roy Pearson V. Soo Chung. The following is to review the facts of both lawsuits along with the issues, ethical issues, laws that were applied, and the decisions that the court and presiding judge has ruled over these lawsuits. The initial thought of both of these lawsuits will make any individual believe that the plaintiff is making outrageous claims and accusations but will the information presented change the individuals mind? Could the defendant, business owners, avoided or prevented the lawsuits brought against them? The facts of both court cases determined the outcome of these lawsuits.

In the case, Liebeck v. McDonald’s, which is known as the McDonald’s Coffee Case, is one of the most well-known frivolous lawsuits. Stella Liebeck is the McDonald’s customer that spilled hot McDonald’s coffee on your lap in which she sustained third-degree burns on several parts of her lower torso and won the

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