Psychology / Critical Thinking Essay; Effects Of Touch On Infants

Critical Thinking Essay; Effects Of Touch On Infants

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the physical development because these are specific things that can be counted or measured.

Dr. Kathryn Barnard, a professor of nursing at the University of Washington, is another doctor that suggests that there is another area of development that is affected by touch. According to this article, Dr. Barnard’s research has shown infants who were held more showed superior cognitive development as long as eight years later. They say babies being massaged become more alert and it also helps their cognitive processes by actually thickening the myelin sheath coating the nerves in the body, enabling these babies to have a faster mental processes. Cognitive development of course includes thinking, memory, language etc. Our textbook enforces the discussion about how enriched myelin will help a person’s thought processes in chapter 4; page 136 & 137. In this section, the book tells us about how the myelination of sensory and motor pathways may account for the appearance or disappearance of early reflexes. Unfortunately, this article does not examine the evidence of that statement so I don’t know how they realized that the myelin was actually thickening. For this reason, I can’t tell if there may be other interpretations as to why their cognitive development is more superior.

The next source I used to conduct my research was a website I found on the internet. I chose this site because it had information on the experiment conducted by Harry Harlow about the effect of touch on infant primates and how it relates to infant humans. This experiment if briefly explained in chaper 6 in our textbook on page 202, but I found this source more informational telling a lot about the background of the experiment.

The website starts out explaining the infant rhesus monkey experiment. He discovered that monkey infants reared in individual cages (for reasons of hygiene and disease prevention) developed poorly. He had to then ask the question, “

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